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     Term 2 Tuesday 26 April
     Term 2  Tuesday 7 June
     Term 3 Monday 18 July
     Term 4 Monday 10 October
Coming Events

Term 2
Week 7 - Monday Holiday -  Western Australia Day 6 June
Week 7  - School Development Day 7 June
Week 7  - Assembly Rooms 3.3/3.4
Week 9 -  Three Way Conferences
Week 9 -  P and C Meeting 22 June
Week 10 - NAIDOC
Week 10 - P and C Fun Run
Week 10  - Assembly Rooms 3.1/3.2

Term 3
Week 1 - School Development Day - 18 July


Middle Swan Primary School

Welcome to Middle Swan PS in 2016,  a school that has an outstanding reputation helping students and their families to achieve their full potential.  The onsite Child and Family Centre is becoming an integral part of the school, offerring support services to both students and parents.  Services include a Medical Doctor, counselling, speech pathology and a number of adult education programs. The school also benefits through the use of the CFC premises hosting Breakfast Club 5 days a week from 8.00am.  We also benefit from the ongoing network of the Swan Extended Schools Hub.

Historically an award winning school in literacy, numeracy and technology in education, MSPS is committed to promoting public education and the vision of the Department of Education.

Middle Swan PS is an Independent Public School, enabling us to use  resources and create a school environment that is well equipped to meet the needs of students. An example is the investment  into a brand new Nature Playground, a much anticipated makeover for the school environs,  that has been built outside the undercover area. A core focus of the MSPS Business Plan, (updated in 2014, and located in this website under the 'The School' link above), is to address the interests and needs of the local community. MSPS has initiated and leads several projects which are at the cutting edge of school and community partnerships.

Our website has been designed with two key functions in mind. Firstly to service the needs of the school community, to provide a portal to school resources, decisions and support options that are available for families. Secondly, the site aims to present a transparent and clear impression of the school to the wider community. I look forward to your contact and hope to see you soon.

Frances Coventry

Our 2013 IPS Review  can also be found on Schools Online -