Our school is governed by a core set of beliefs that we believe will optimise learning:

  1. Students’ individual, social, physical, emotional and learning needs are met developmentally and inclusively.
  2. Students’ contributions are valued and each individual feels supported for their efforts.
  3. Students perceive themselves as motivated learners, able to take risks, solve problems, accept challenges and accept reward in an intrinsic form.
  4. Students, home and school have a commonly understood purpose.
  5. Students undertake real life, purposeful learning situations integrated across the whole curriculum.
  6. Metacognitive processes are explicitly involved.
  7. Behavioural parameters are established using a collaborative, whole school approach.
  8. Learning is culturally relevant and connections to local and global environment are made.
  9. When the child is independent, self evaluative and responsible for making decisions.
  10. Assessment is fair, explicit, valid, educative and comprehensive.
  11. Students construct their own knowledge individually and/or collaboratively and have the opportunity to teach and learn from each other.

Our curriculum delivery and programs are based upon this set of beliefs.’

Recommended site for parents to visit to learning more about how they can help their children learn, more about initiatives such as IPS ad other information: http://det.wa.edu.au/schoolsandyou/detcms/portal/